Elevate Your Maternity Style! Unique Wardrobe Ideas for Your Photoshoot


In the past, clothing would be designed to conceal pregnancies as much as possible. People even had maternity corsets made for stepping out!

Thankfully, fashion has been through a lot of changes today. So many celebrities are seen flaunting their pregnanciesresulting in many people taking inspiration from them.

The term “maternity wardrobe” may bring to your mind the XL cotton dress you got because you changed sizes. But you can’t wear that to your maternity photoshoot, right?

You need something fresh to ensure you shine during an important time of your life.

An expectant mother is holding her baby bump for the photograph

This is your sign to update your maternity wardrobe and enjoy your maternity photoshoot to the fullest! Read on to explore outfit ideas that are as comfortable as they are trendy:

– A Touch of Royalty

We don’t know what it is that makes ball gowns feel so special. All that tulle and frill and lace are worthy of royalty!

You can have your gown act as a whole prop in your photoshoot. Your maternity photographer also may suggest certain poses that make full use of the dress and highlights your bump.

– Chic and Sleek

Bodycon dresses are a great way to accentuate your baby bump. They’re curve-hugging, and the material is often stretchable enough for your comfort.

You can go minimal with white or beige color schemes or bold with neon colors and floral prints. It’s a blank canvas!

– Flared Up

Dresses are great, but pants are awesome.

Flared bottoms work well to show off your baby bump in a smart way. Trousers also elongate the legs, so they look terrific on anyone.

Pair a crop top with bell bottoms, or culottes with a sheer blouse. Your pictures will go from great to fabulous in a matter of minutes!

A maternity photoshoot session

– Easy Breezy

Maxi dresses are a staple for maternity wardrobe options. They’re comfortable, light on the skin, and easier to move in. Plus, you can get all those Instagram-worthy pictures while swishing your dress around!

Maxi dresses come in a variety of styles: cinched, A-line, with slits, and other patterns. Your photographer may advise you on what would suit and look good on you. In any case, you’ll get super cute long dresses, perfect for the summer brunches.

– Casually Sharp

Nothing beats a good pair of sweatpants. And they’re loved even more so during pregnancy!

Sweatpants and jumpers can be pulled off to design a sharply curated look, too. You can also play around with customizations and get your family in matching pairs for a complete family photo.

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