designing a business strategy

The right strategy is the key to achieving business success. In it you need commitment, planning, good organizational management, and must be flexible to follow existing developments.

Not a few of you when you first opened or started a business were based on simple thoughts. Just by turning on the computer, opening the door of a shop or place of business, then you can immediately make money.

In fact, the matter of making money or even making a profit in business, is much more difficult than imagined. You must take the time and plan all the steps you want to take to achieve this.

Don’t bother, just take notes and do the following 9 tips, then you can confidently achieve success in business. Come on, let’s see what needs to be done.

1. Organize steps

Think this first point is too serious? Clear. Because doing business requires seriousness, even if your goal is to achieve success. So, being organized here is organizing everything. The best way to organize can be done by making a to-do list every day.

Set priorities for these tasks. If an item is completed, mark it from the list. The goal is that you forget nothing and complete all the important tasks that must be done for the survival and success of your business.

If you already have a business plan that has been just a pile of forgotten documents, try opening it again. Add it to the list.

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2. Take detailed notes

In the process, every business must face different challenges. From the list you created in the first point, there will be many notes that can be made following these challenges.

Well, successful businesses always keep these records in detail. The point is that you will know where your business is. Starting from financial strength, to overcoming all the challenges that occur. That way you will have time and preparation to make the right strategy and quickly overcome everything.

3. Do a competitor analysis

All businesses always generate competition. Don’t be afraid to face it, because this is being successful and creating the best results. Learn from your competitors by doing an in-depth analysis of them.

From there, you will know if your competitors are doing the best strategy you can imitate. So, are there any gaps from competitors that can be entered and used as opportunities and opportunities for your business to generate more profits.

4. Understand the risks and benefits

Business also has risks. The question is, to what extent can you take these risks into account and ultimately can actually help your business grow more? The next question, what losses will you get when you dare to take that risk?

When you can answer all these questions, then you will know the worst-case scenario of the risks taken. In fact, in the process you will learn and know how to take calculated risks and actually benefit your business.

5. Don’t forget creativity

Everything here is about how to make your business more successful. So your business stands out from the competition. Trust me, you don’t know everything right away to create that way.

Here you need creativity. Also, be open to all new ideas. Because these ideas will ultimately create a different approach to your business and how to deal with competitors.

6. Always focus

This point is too cliché. But here’s how you can stay on track. Remember, creating a successful business is not like creating the mythical Prambanan Temple that was only built one night.

When you start a business, let alone just starting it, it doesn’t mean that your business will immediately benefit. It takes time to introduce the product or service you are selling to consumers. So keeping yourself focused – starting with short-term goals – is a non-negotiable price.

7. Need sacrifice

Business does take hard work. When you are just starting out, your work is just starting. If you become an employee maybe your time will be more regular at the work hours that have been set. But when doing business, don’t expect to be able to do the same thing.

Here is one example of your sacrifice. Even though you manage your own work time, usually when doing business, your time with friends and family will certainly be reduced. Moreover, here you are focused and trying to achieve success.

8. Priority to the best service

Again, customers are everything to any business. When your business can provide the best service to consumers

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