Why should we have a newborn photo shoot ?



It’s not just for capturing those precious moments, but for the memories you will create. The best part about newborn photography is that you get to create something that will last forever. You also get to capture the essence of your new baby, as well as all the love and emotion that comes with welcoming a new member into your family.


Some parents don’t want to wait until their little one is older to take photos of them because they feel like they won’t be able to capture those special moments when they are older. With newborn photography, you get to capture your baby in his or her most innocent moments before they are aware of what’s going on around them. Your newborn photographer will work with you to find out what kind of photo shoot and location works best for your family and budget.


It’s a great way to document your baby’s first moments. As you’re holding them, looking into their eyes and feeling their soft skin, you’ll be creating memories that will last forever.


They’re so tiny! You’ll want to hold them all the time but they won’t let you get any work done! This is a great opportunity to have photos of your little one while they’re still small enough to do so.


It’s a great way to get people excited about your new addition! Sharing photos on social media or sending them out in snail mail is a great way to share the news with family and friends who may not be able to make it in person for the birth or for an immediate visit afterwards.


You’ll be able to relive these moments over and over again as you look through these photos year after year during this holiday season or at any other time when family gathers together.”


You will have a lifetime of memories captured in photos. The first time holding your baby, their tiny feet, fingers, toes and hands… it’s all so amazing! Take advantage of this time by having a professional photographer capture these precious moments for you. If you don’t have photos of your child from when they were little (or even if you do), this will be a great way to remember what it was like when they were brand new.


The light is best at night. This might sound crazy because most people think babies sleep during the day, but newborns actually sleep better at night (in general). So if you are going to do anything with your baby at night (like feed them or change them), then this is the best time to do it… while we are shooting! We can take advantage of this beautiful light and create some amazing images! You can contact Birmingham newborn photography, for more information.

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