White House Releases Photos From Naomi Biden’s Top-Secret South Lawn Wedding


Despite a decidedly exclusive ceremony, the White House has now released photos of the wedding of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter on the South Lawn Saturday.

The wedding of Naomi King Biden—President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s granddaughter—and Peter George Hermann Neal took place at 11 am ET in front of about 250 guests, the White House said in a statement. It went on to say:

“It has been a joy to watch Naomi grow, discover who she is, and carve out such an incredible life for herself. Now, we are filled with pride to see her choose Peter as her husband, and we’re honored to welcome him to our family. We wish them days full of laughter and a love that grows deeper with every passing year.”

After the proper ceremony, the press release said the President and First Lady “hosted a luncheon for the family and the wedding party in the State Dining Room of the White House,” which will be followed by a reception with dessert and dancing later this evening.

In a somewhat unusual move, there was no press allowed at the ceremony itself. Adding to the mystique of this secrecy is the fact that guests reportedly had to sign non-disclosure agreements, and that the non-grata status of the press apparently upset the White House Correspondents Association, as We Got This Covered’s Michael Allen reported.

Naomi Biden is the 28-year-old Columbia Law graduate and daughter of Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle (Hunter’s ex). The 25-year-old Neal, who was also a student of law, interned at the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency and later for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, People reported. The couple live in the White House residence on its third floor in the same quarters where Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, once lived.

Some additional photos by Corbin Gurkin and John Dolan were also released to some outlets, which were later shared on Twitter.

The couple first made their engagement public back in September 2021 and represents the very first nuptials of a grandchild of a sitting president at the White House.

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