Want to visit a modern museum? Meet an Amsterdam art museum designed for modern people

It is impossible to talk about the Netherlands without talking about art. The city of Amsterdam is home to a large number of important and world-renowned museums. However, few manage to stand out like the Moco Museum. Located on the popular Museumplein, it opened its doors in 2016 with the vision of changing the way art is enjoyed in this city. While other museums focus on old art pieces that are distanced from modern reality, this Amsterdam art museum exhibits art pieces that, in addition to being artistically beautiful, convey a message focused on modern social reality.  This museum not only allows you to exploit your creativity but also makes you rethink things you had not considered before.

From a dream to a reality. A little history about this museum

Lionel and Kim Logchies, owners of the Lionel Gallery in Amsterdam, wanted to give locals and visitors a different experience. It was time for something new in a city full of repetitive and boring art. This is how the Moco Museum was born, based in the Villa Alsberg townhouse on Museumplein. This building was built in 1904 and was designed by Dutch architect Eduard Cuypers, cousin of the iconic Pierre Cuypers, designer of the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Central Station. This Amsterdam art museum has 3 floors and a private garden filled with paintings and sculptures by modern artists such as Banksy, THE KID, teamlab, Studio Irma and many more. Many of these art pieces also feature augmented reality technology. Point your cell phone camera and watch the art come to life.

What to consider when visiting this Amsterdam art museum?

To see the dates and times available, you can visit their website. From there you can also see the new exhibitions (they rotate some exhibitions throughout the year). If you have any questions, you can always contact the Moco Museum staff, who will be happy to help you. It is important that you read the museum rules before your next visit. Remember that it is a public place and the rules were established so that everyone can enjoy its facilities. For example, you must have your cell phone on vibrate mode throughout your visit to this Amsterdam art museum. You should know that you will come across pieces of art that break with the paradigms of modern society. The idea is to generate in you a different approach to a particular context.