Trendiest Newborn Photoshoot Ideas You Must Try in 2022


Nothing is more endearing than a tiny baby swaddled up in a blanket in an adorable picture. Getting newborn photography done is a great way to keep alive the fleeting first year of your baby’s life for all the years to come!

The newborn photography trend has been gaining momentum, especially with the increasing usage of social media. But with the pandemic, many families did not get to share the joy of announcing a new baby in the family with their loved ones. Getting baby photoshoots done and sharing the pictures was one way of reaching out.

While some themes have been overused, there are a few classics that never go out of style. And many newborn photographers and parents have now started to come up with unique ideas on how to get a baby photoshoot that’ll wow everyone!

A newborn baby photoshoot

If you’re looking for the latest trends in newborn photography, we have got you covered! In this blog, we feature the top trends of 2022 to look out for when choosing the theme for your baby’s photoshoot:

1. Twins, Triplets, and More

If you’ve got more than one newborn, you already have your hands full! Get your loved ones to look up themes that involve a group. You could try dressing them up as cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Daisy Duck, or as characters from your favorite TV show!

You can also dress them as things that go well in pairs, like PB&J, milk and cookies, yin and yang, and more.

2. Black and White

Grayscale images are becoming increasing popular for newborn family photography because of the unfiltered and calm vibe it gives. Parents posing with the baby between them, or the baby sleeping in one parent’s arms, these basic poses can create a very powerful picture when done right.

3. Creative Props

Props can take your baby’s pictures to the next level! Incorporating items such as flowers, picnic baskets, and cotton clouds are popular items for baby photoshoot ideas.

You can also put your spin on it and incorporate props like Scrabble tiles with the baby’s name spelled out, a chalkboard with the baby’s details or a word like “hello!” written on it, and others.

You can even include toys, food items, and family heirlooms like jewelry or accessories too!

A baby on a moon pillow with a blanket

4. Include Family Members

Getting the whole family can be a fun event in the baby’s pictures. Family photography, like poses with siblings, with either parent etc., behind a plain or pastel backdrop, can lift your pictures.

5. Get Up Close

Capture the details that matter— your baby’s tiny hands and feet, a small smile, the cute button nose. All these features will look great once you get the finished results!

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