Time to Make Magic! We Have 31 DIY Witch Costumes to Get Your Creativity Boiling!


The idea of ​​dressing up in costume is synonymous with Halloween. While some Halloween costume trends change year after year, other classic styles remain timeless—like dressing up as a witch. Trying to figure out how to put your own spin on the style? You’ve come to the right cauldron! Here are 31 DIY witch costumes that will have you spellbound!

It’s always helpful when starting from scratch to have inspiration readily available for the style you’re hoping to recreate or completely make your own. Looking to copy a witch from pop culture? Movies and TV shows like Hocus Pocus, The Wizard of Oz, WandaVision, Game of Thrones, Harry Potterthe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Halloweentownetc., have plenty of witchpiration.

Otherwise, if you’re more interested in pulling together a witch wardrobe without too much tools and trouble, start with the basics of grabbing a broom, pointy hat, and black dress. Embrace the eerie ensemble even more with fingernails shaped into sharp points, mystical makeup, spunky striped socks, a crystal ball or wand accessory, and/or a mysterious cape to top off the costume.

You can summon vintage vibes, incorporate surprising pops of color, wear a woodsy-look, or even go classic-Hollywood. You can emulate a Sanderson sister, Marvel mystic, or choose between the infamous “Good Witch” and “Wicked Witch”—the possibilities are endless!

So, which witch style to choose? That’s up to you! Abracadabra—enjoy copying these 31 costumes from your own closet!

31 DIY Witch Costumes

1. The Wizard of Oz Duo

As @trashleymartin shows, all you need to do is grab a friend to recreate this festive “Good Witch” and “Wicked Witch” pairing.

2. Sarah Sanderson Style

For a witch look with a pop of color, look no further than this idea from @enchantedalexandra, inspired by Hocus Pocus!

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3. Recreating the Scarlet Witch

Bring Westview to your own town, just like @novembercosplay (and Wes Young Photography) did with this brilliant WandaVision costume.

4. Sabrina Spellman Mode

As @pajamasami (photo by @candidjohnkim) shows, you can have a chilling adventure this Halloween by dressing up as this infamous teenage witch.

5. Cobweb Creations

Add some creepy-crawly to your witch costume by incorporating spider web details, like @itsacharminglife’s look!

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6. Flashy Witch Fashion

Magic wands aren’t the only things that sparkle, as @michelle.diltz shows with these extra-glittery witch frocks!

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7. Crystal Clear Costume

Just one detail makes all the difference, as @mstanya88 proves with her crystal ball accessory!

8. Coven Cohesion

Gather your group together to hang and haunt this Halloween, like this inspiration from @tatteredpixie(photo by @coastlesscollective).

9. Glinda Glam

Thanks to @yung.planet, it’s obvious to see what a difference magical makeup makes on Halloween.

10. Black Magic Moment

The all-black, lace look from @juliaangelina_ gives her witch costume a romantic, gothic feel.

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11. Harry Potter Possibilities

Take a page out of the Beauxbatons Academy rule book by recreating their witch uniforms, just like this inspiration from @chanelvanreenen.

12. Adorable Additions

Putting the craft in witchcraft, @sophiekaetzchen shows how a carved pumpkin pairs nicely with the more traditional accessories of a broomstick and hat.

13. Pink Your Poison

Put a twist on your witch style, like how @theweekenderfashion incorporated light pastels and flowers!

14. Vintage Vibes

Showcasing this creative look, @spooktacularstyle has us transported in time!

15. Potion-Making Maven

Double, double toil and trouble, look at @taylor_toro’s caldron bubble! This classy, ​​preppy spin on a traditional witch look is #fallaestheticgoals.

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16. Family Affair

This edgy inspo from @melafidel proves that every member of the witch pack can bring their own pizazz.

17. Woodsy Witch

Everything from the tattered fabric to the vibrant hair makes @opheia_art’s look hauntingly perfect.

18. Old-Hollywood Glam

This classic look from @missrachelkathleen gives us major Dusty Anderson vibes!

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19. Agatha Harkness

This powerful witch, portrayed by @hobbitparty (photo by @shelbyeisaac), not only lives, but also provides costume inspiration, that lasts for centuries.

20. Black Cat Addition

With these gorgeous green accents (not to mention the boo-tiful black cat addition!), @makingyourownmagic is giving us plenty of DIY witch costume ideas!

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21. Marnie Piper Power

@101cosplaystosee shows how to save Halloweentown and recreate the perfect character costume all at once!

22. Punk Rock Witches

From bold boots to textured tulle, this absolutely adorable style from @shanjohnson85 has us totally charmed.

23. Spring Witch

As @linnybinz shows, it may be autumn, but spring style makes for an extra-cheery, colorful witch costume!

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24. Fierce Fashion

This fierce style from @erikaalamode goes to show that a mix of grunge and glam can turn any witch into a total rockstar!

25. Eye-Catching Ensemble

Spooky, or spunky? This witch costume idea from @chanelvanreenen shows a ton of personality!

26. The Red Witch

Taking inspiration from Game of Thrones‘ Melisandre, @skeleton.key.cosplay (photo by @michael_and_arts) impressively brought to life the character’s common phrase: “The night is dark and full of terrors.”

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No time for DIY? Here are the best witch costumes to buy

27. “Spellbinding Witch”

Traditional, yet playful—this witch costume is perfect for your night out! Spelling Witch, $48, Walmart

28. “Gothic Witch”

This edgy witch style is simply spellbinding! Gothic Witch Women’s Halloween Costume, $63, Walmart

29. Sarah Sanderson

Join the Sanderson sisterhood by choosing this Hocus Pocus-inspired Halloween costumes. Sarah Sanderson Costume – Hocus Pocus, $49.99, Halloween Spirit

30. Morticia Addams Vibes

Go for a spooky, yet slick look on Halloween with this long dress and sheer cape combo. Women’s Deluxe Black Gothic Witch Long Dress Costume 4 Piece Set, $32.49, Walmart

31. Glinda—The Good Witch

Enjoy emulating the optimism and charm of this good witch—after all, as Glinda says in The Wizard of Oz“You are capable of more than you know.” Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume, $66.98, Walmart

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