Things to Prepare for the Wedding

Everyone wants to have a dream wedding moment as expected. Some people have the concept of a dream wedding that is trying to be realized with various criteria, such as looking for price information for wedding photographers who have been doing wedding planning since the beginning. However, there are others who do not have a detailed concept and only hope that the wedding will run smoothly.

Even though you don’t have a dream wedding concept, of course you still have to carefully arrange all the important aspects of your marriage. There are various things that you must take care of properly from the beginning of the wedding process such as decorations, wedding venues, arrangement of events, wedding attire, to wedding documentation.

You certainly have to know the price range of vendors and other costs to compile a breakdown of the overall cost of the wedding. To prepare for the perfect wedding, you can start your wedding process by preparing light things such as wedding documentation in advance.

Marriage documentation is sometimes the last thing to take care of because it is considered quite easy to take care of. But actually wedding documentation is an important thing that must be handled as carefully as possible just like any other preparation because it will have a fairly important influence on your wedding.

Wedding photographers are one of the most complex and difficult photography jobs in the world. The reason is simple, no re-wedding photos are taken. This wedding, which you are responsible for photographing, only happens once. There is no such thing as “broken camera”, “not enough memory card” or “forgot to charge flash battery”.

However, you can shake off the fear of wedding photos by following our guide to recording the photos needed to tell the story from start to finish. You will be taken through every stage of the wedding day, from pre-wedding photos to pre-wedding photos, and from shooting at the event location to recording the excitement at the wedding reception, so you can face everything with confidence.

Photographing a wedding has a very heavy burden. Understand it, the article starts from the contract or blessing to the reception party, the moment cannot be repeated. So don’t lose the moment because the battery runs out, the memory card is full, the flash crashes, brings the wrong lens, etc.

If you are someone who has just entered the world of photography and happened to have received an offer for the first time to photograph a wedding? Surely in your heart you will feel confused and look for tips on how to create and capture a wedding moment that is sacred for this couple. This time, we will provide tips on how to take wedding photos that you will do as a beginner photographer. Listen carefully, yes.

Wedding preparations

Preparation! You can’t underestimate the power of being prepared. First, make sure all photographic equipment is ready to use and clean. Use a blower brush to remove dust on all lenses and sensors. Batteries must be fully charged, including spare batteries.

1. Pre-wedding photos

Taking pre-wedding photos is always useful, because everyone acts differently when they’re the center of attention, and you’ll learn how to get the best out of them.

2. Discuss your way

This is an opportunity for brides-to-be to say whether they want a more traditional type of wedding photography or something more casual. Discuss with them.

3. Make a list of wedding photos

You should make a list of the wedding photos you need for albums, prints, etc. There are no “re-scenes” at weddings, so you have to make sure you leave with a list of wedding photos in hand containing what photos you will be taking, from formal photos of the bride and groom to detailed photos (invitations, wedding rings). , bouquet, bride’s shoes, etc.), and reception photos such as cake cutting scenes, reception, etc. Without a written list, you will have no grip and you will almost certainly miss one or even some important photos. Make sure you talk to the bride and groom before you finalize your list of wedding photos.

4. Have a backup for everything

If there is a potential error in the wedding you are photographing, that potential can materialize at any time. That’s why professional wedding photographers always carry a backup for everything, because there are no re-scenes. At least you must have 2 camera bodies, spare batteries for the camera and flash, even a spare flash. You will also need an additional memory card and a spare lens.

5. Pay attention to the weather for the wedding

The weather will change the way wedding shoots are done. It’s always a good idea to have a pretty umbrella to take with you as a prop, so even when it’s raining heavily, you can still get great portraits.

The weather will change the way wedding shoots are done. It’s always a good idea to have a pretty umbrella to take with you as a prop, so even when it’s raining heavily, you can still get great portraits.

6. Take a peek at the wedding location

Checking the light levels and viewing angles at the wedding venue is very important. Visit the location at the same time as the planned time for the wedding, so you can see where the light is coming.

7. Know the schedule for the wedding

Keep the schedule in mind whenever possible, but bring a copy too, and mark the time clearly. You need to be organized and always in position ahead of time.

8. Second wedding photographer

Many professional wedding photographers bring along a second photographer to ensure that they cover all of the most important moments. The bigger the wedding, the more you need a second photographer. You can’t work everywhere at once, and if something goes wrong (equipment problem or whatever), someone else will continue to shoot, or deal with the problem so you can keep shooting.Lavan Photography was incredible to work with they made our day so fun and easy and created beautiful images that captured all the special moments of our day.

9. Bring a ladder to shoot from a higher position

At a wedding, you will be organizing and photographing a large group of people (for formal photos), and one trick professional wedding photographers use is to carry a small, lightweight, foldable ladder. Taking a formal group portrait from a higher angle is helpful, as you can see more faces and manage your group more easily.