The Top 3 Best Posing Tips for Wedding Photos From a Wedding Photographers Point of View

So you have an upcoming wedding, congratulations! A wedding day is a momentous occassion that is filled with love, culture, and festivities. Given the magnitutde of this event, capturing the best wedding photos possible is ideal to ensure that you can relive this amazing memory. In this guide we are going to go over the top 3 best posing tips for wedding photos, from the opinion of an experienced wedding photographer. Let’s get started.

Tip #1 – Be natural and Take your Time

The reality is, more often than not a wedding can be stressful. So many things to be conscious of, so many people, and its only normal for the nerves to start kicking in. That being said, the first tip to be conscious of is to make sure to be as natural as possible throughout the wedding. Usually when the nerves kick in, couples dont take their time to be present in the moment and start to rush things like walking down the aisle. If you feel nervous, just take a deep breathe and be present in the moment. Take your time doing things, and let things happen naturally. The more you overthink about how you look, or how you are laughing or smiling or moving, the more unnatural you will act to try to correct how you were naturally acting in the first place. Remember that at the end of the day, a photographer’s job is to capture the real and authentic moments that happen nautrally, so be sure to act in that way. If for whatever reason something is off, trust your photographer in advising you if you need to smile more, slow down, or adjust your pose accordingly. 

Tip #2 – Diversify Your Shots

The next tip to be conscious of is diversifying your shots. More often than not venues have multiple rooms, locations, gardens etc. that give a great opportunity for you to really take shots over the entire venue. Make sure that you maximize your shots by taking photos in different angles, poses, and backdrops. Not only will this make you feel like you got an all-encompassing wedding experience, but this diverisifcation is also optimal for getting some really special shots that you will surely cherish forever. 

Tip #3 – Use Power Poses for Confidence

Lastly, similar to the first tips struggle of nerves, using power poses can be a great way to capture some meaningful shots that exude a sense of confidence and beauty. A go-to pose for the bride is to position herself looking away from the camera while having her veil flowing or train behind her. This more often than not, helps the bride feel confident and gives her an amazing shot. For both the groom and bride, it is also important to be conscious of their posture. Simply standing up straight can make a huge difference in how you feel from a confidence perspective. Additional actions you can consider is to book a pre-wedding or engagement shoot before the actual wedding-day. These shoots are a great way to build confidence infront of the camera prior to the wedding day and allow you to naturally pose with your partner in a way that will come across as natural on the big-day. Overall the key, is to do what comes naturally to you in terms of posing, and being mindfully present during the event and with your partner.


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