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Meet The Lautners

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On Nov. 11, actor Taylor Lautner and love Taylor Dome were married in a California vineyard in front of 100 loved ones. “Everything felt so surreal,” the bride told PEOPLE. “The flowers, the vines, the sky.

First blush

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The pair had a first look in part because “I knew if the first time I saw her was when she was walking down the aisle, I would have lost it,” Lautner shared.

Party People

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The wedding party included best man Jason Kennedy and his wife, Lauren Scruggs (far right).

Men of the Hour

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“We didn’t want to feel pressure or anxiety on the day,” Lautner, with his groosmen, told PEOPLE. “We just wanted it to be celebratory.”

With This Ring

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Dome paired her Ring Concierge engagement stunner with a bold diamond band from the company.

Sky’s the Limit

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A friend officiated the 30-minute ceremony, held “smack dab” in the middle of the vines, as the couple said.

Kiss Off

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“Our officer [joked] that he couldn’t wait for the moment he got to say, ‘I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner.’ And it’s accurate!” the actor joked of the pair’s shared first name.

Suit Yourself

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Lautner wore a Dolce & Gabbana tux for the ceremony, but changed for the reception after splitting his pants on the dance floor at a friend’s wedding months before. “I was so upset because I loved that suit,” he said.

Feast Your Eyes

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“We’re big wins,” said Dome of the venue choice. “We wanted dinner to feel like it was a food and wine tasting.”

A Lifetime of Happiness

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“We’re just excited to be husband and wife,” Dome told PEOPLE. “The wedding day was so special but we both very much believe that it’s not just about that one day, it’s about a lifetime together. We’re excited to start forever. We are best friends.”

Quick Changes

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As promised, the pair did change for the party, with Dome opting for a slinky dress and sneakers and Lautner going with a velvet D&G suit. “It came together perfectly!” he said.

The Road Ahead

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“We’re going to be hanging out for a long time,” Lautner said of married life. “It just so happened that we each fell in love with our best friend.”

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