‘She didn’t ask to do this’


A bride is upset that her mom is giving her wedding photos away as Christmas gifts.

She asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum for advice. The bride recently learned that her mother is printing a wedding photo of the family, changing it to black-and-white and framing it to give as gifts.

She made the discovery after telling her mom she wanted to give the same photo away to a cousin.

“I’m upset about how she didn’t ask to do this and the photos belong to me and my husband,” the bride wrote. “I’m also upset that she’s changed the photo to be black-and-white.”

The bride also thinks she violated an unspoken rule with the photographer about altering the photos.

“I know she’s trying to do a nice thing but as a result she’s taken away my ability to gift the photo now,” the bride said.

Most Redditors understand why the bride felt like a boundary was crossed.

“I think it’s reasonable that you’re offended,” a user commented.

“I’ll give your mom the benefit of the doubt and guess she had good intentions, but I think it’s overstepping to gift someone else’s wedding photos,” wrote another.

“I think you’re blowing this way out of proportion. It’s a simple mistake on your mom’s part, she was just trying to do something nice, and you should just let it go,” someone added.

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