Quick DIY Props for Your Baby’s First Photoshoot


Twinkling eyes, button noses, dimpled smiles, and two baby teeth―babies are the epitome of cuteness. But the first year of your baby’s life flies by too quicklybetween the diaper changes, drools, first steps, and teething.

Parents cherish this fleeting time a lot, and a good way to preserve it is by getting a baby photoshoot done.

Professional baby photography has been gaining popularity for quite a few years, and it’s a trend that will always be relevant. And even though they may be expensive, there are ways you can save a few extra bucks with them—by making your own props!

A picture of a baby elaborately dressed in a costume

Do you want to build props for your baby’s first photoshoot, but don’t have ideas? We can help you with that! In this feature, we discuss some quick and easy DIY props you can make for a smashing baby photoshoot!

1. Baskets and Crates

You can reuse baskets made out of wicker or straw, wide storage rates, laundry hampers, etc., for your baby to be placed in. Just make sure to clean the items well and check for any splinters or sharp edges for your baby’s safety.

Place a cotton or muslin blanket inside the basket or crate; fluff it up the edges, and you’re good to go!

2. Knitted Items

Show your gratitude and appreciation to grandmas and aunts by adorning your baby with the knitted caps and booties they made! Soft, chunky knit accessories look wonderful and play well with the overall aesthetic of a newborn photo shoot.

If you’re going for a family photo shoot, you and other family members can wear matching knit sweaters or sport crocheted caps with elephant ears!

3. Cardboard Cut-outs

You can place props according to your theme, such as shapes, tools, cartoon characters, etc. by making cardboard cut-outs. You can repurpose old cartons and delivery boxes and draw on them. Cut the props out and paint them in with the desired colors you have in mind.

4. Fresh Flora

Nature will be your prop if you’re having an outdoor shoot! If you’re planning an indoor shoot with a floral or springtime theme, you can bring fresh flowers and leaves into the scene. Place them around carefully, making sure nothing comes into direct contact with your baby’s skin.

A baby placed in a swing prop

. Headwear

Headbands, paper crowns, tiaras, bowties etc., are things you would already have for dressing up your baby. They add an “oomph” to your baby’s look in the pictures!

6. Board Games

If you’ve got any board games like Scrabble lying around your house, you can incorporate them into your baby’s photoshoot. Placing the baby on or next to the board, with the tiles (or pieces of any other game you have) spelling out the name, is a creative way to make announcements!

7. Food Items

Shoot your cake, and eat it too! You can dive into a culinary theme with crockery, apron, and chef hats or do a cake smash photoshoot.

Even though you’ll have many ideas on what to include, you must consult an experienced photographerwho is trained, so that your baby is completely safe throughout the shoot.

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