Personalised Photo Calendars: The Best Gift For Your Co-Worker

When you’re buying presents for your workplace colleagues, it’s not always easy to strike it lucky with the perfect gift. Personalised photo calendars combine practicality with a surprise element, and make an equally suitable gift for your work buddies, clients, or the boss.

Unless you happen to know your co-worker/s well you’re unlikely to purchase the gift that’s at the top of their birthday or Christmas wish list. That doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to buying something that’s generic and impersonal. A beautiful bespoke wall hanging photo calendar is undoubtedly the best gift for co-workers that are celebrating a variety of special occasions.

The Perfect Birthday Gift

Friendship bonds that are formed in your place of work can last for years, and often continue long after you’ve left the company or organisation to further your career. If you have a close-knit co-worker relationship, it’s lovely to let your colleague know how much you value their friendship, support, and sense of humour.

Personalised photo calendars allow you to express what you feel without any words involved. You can do this by customising a wall calendar with a collection of your favourite photos of happy times you have spent in the company of your work BFF. If you socialise together you probably already have an array of snaps to choose from, that feature you both having fun. Pick out the most fabulous and striking images to display on the photo calendar gift.

The Most Exclusive Secret Santa Gift

Many workers celebrate the festive season by organising a Secret Santa gift exchange. This arrangement allows them to buy a single gift for one co-worker that is presented anonymously. There will always be an office cheapskate who shops around for a generic gift that saves them money. But by the same token, there is always the person who buys the best Secret Santa gift of all, and who others hold in awe.

Impress your co-workers this year by choosing a photo calendar as your Secret Santa gift donation. Pre-load the calendar with a colourful selection of favourite photos of work events and outings, or selfies that have been snapped in the workplace.

For maximum impact, wrap the calendar up in a piece of understated Christmas design wrapping paper. Sit back and enjoy watching everyone express surprise and delight, as a lucky co-worker shows off their exclusive one-of-a-kind present from a very generous Santa.

The Best Leaving Present

There will one day come a time when your bestest work buddy is ready to move on to pastures new. To help them with the career transition, it’s a lovely gesture to buy a gift that is thoughtful special, and meaningful.

A photo calendar that you can customise ticks all of the boxes, and makes a great leaving present for a colleague that you also call a good friend. If this person is also well loved by others in the workplace, you can collaborate together to create the best leaving present ever.

Pick a theme for the photographic display, or show off a random arrangement of images that will melt the recipient’s heart.

Instant Artwork

While most calendars are simply practical tools that you use to remind you of appointments, meetings and things that you need to do, personalised photo calendars are definitely a cut above the rest.

Besides offering the ideal place to write and record tasks and business diary related information, the calendar that is personalised with a collection of attractive and alluring photos also creates instant artwork for any wall. You can personalise it with one, or up to four photographic images of people, nature, landscapes, scenery or whatever interests your workplace friends.

If your co-worker is a keen photographer, encourage them to show off their skills and talents by showcasing their favourite images on a customised photo calendar. Alternatively, you can highlight your colleague’s hobby with an arrangement of snaps that display the specific pastime – gardening, sailing, fishing, dancing, sports, or cooking.

A Modern Motivation Tool

No matter how much you may love your work, it’s common to sometimes need some motivation to complete projects and tasks. Instead of featuring photos of happy memories, stunning scenery, or cute and adorable pets, you can always opt to use a photo calendar as a motivational tool.

Encourage a work buddy to strive for their goals, by gifting them a beautiful wall calendar that you have personalised with decorative motifs and encouraging quotes or mottos. You can easily find plenty of inspiring motivational quotes from historic and iconic idols, sports stars and celebrities online. There are also business focused quotes available, if you prefer to keep the message professional.

Vacation Inspiration

When you’re busy toiling away at work, your annual vacation may seem a long way away. To keep the workforce motivated and focused on the job, it’s a great idea to display personalised photo calendars that feature spectacular and dramatic scenic panoramas of the most iconic travel destinations that you and your co-workers have visited.

Get co-workers involved in working on a creative sideline project to curate the most stunning photo calendar in your company. Ask everyone to donate their favourite holiday photo, so that you have an assortment of different locations to display as vacation inspiration.

Hang the calendar in pride of place in the staff canteen, or other communal area, and let it do its work of inspiring wanderlust.