Local photography clubs host reception


JACKSON, Tenn.–Photography lovers stopped by the old City Hall building at ‘The Ned’ to see what the Jackson photography club has to offer.

All the photos featured are taken by different club members.

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Many of the photos captured the essence of the great outdoors such as nature, flowers, insects and more.

In order to help boost community involvement for this exhibit they’re doing something a little different.

If you come into the gallery you have a chance to vote for your favorite photograph. From there you write your top three photographers down, and put it in the ballot.

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“If the public will come in and vote for the best show in the ballot box, we’re going to give memberships this next year for people who do come down and vote. There are a lot of great images here of a lot of talented photographers,” says Jeff Roush, founder of the Jackson Photography Club.

If you’d like to visit the gallery, it’s open everyday until December 29. It’s located in the old City Hall building next to ‘The Ned’ theater.

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