Instagram Reportedly Exploring Microblog Niche Following Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover


If you haven’t noticed, Twitter is under new ownership.

person holding space gray iPhone X
Person using microblogging app on smartphone. Photo by Marten Bjork

And while we’re grateful for the platform’s past efforts to amp up focus on photos and video, Instagram has perennially taken the top spot in that niche and even it is in direct competition with TikTok for dominance in the short-form video space.

But it looks like Instagram isn’t just thinking about what TikTok might do next; recent reports indicate that Meta’s darling division might actually be taking on Twitter with a new microblogging feature.

PetaPixel reports that Meta is considering a “Notes” feature that would do just that and would work in much the same way as tweets do. This would join a raft of features such as the trouble photo and video posts as well as Reels and the various shopping features on Instagram. The only thing we are left wondering is at what point does Instagram not become some kind of different version of Facebook because it looks like nearly every social media platform is converging towards this “omni” utility approach but that’s just us.

Why the sudden focus on short-form messaging? PetaPixel notes that several publications report a decline in Twitter user numbers since its takeover and that this represents an opportunity for apps like Instagram to fill that space with an alternative. Naturally, they’re not the only aspirant with others including Post and Mastodon although certainly, and especially when compared to those two, Instagram has more than a few advantages should it decide to pursue this aggressively.

What do you think of Twitter’s new ownership? Would an Instagram microblogging feature make sense? Let us know in the comments.

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