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Many retirees are aspiring to start a business in order to remain busy and stay active and also to supplement their income. Research shows that seniors are working more and more for themselves as compared to other age groups. Life expectancy has increased with advancement in science, and medicine has made it possible for seniors to remain active and healthy till much later in life. So seniors are now looking for ways to earn some extra income using their skills and pursuing a hobby. At the same time, they are keeping their minds and body healthy. In this article, we discuss some of the business options available to retirees and small business insurance.

1.Home care business

With children moving to other

places for jobs, the elderly in some homes need help with their daily chores.

In addition, they may be looking for people of their age to whom they can talk

to, go for a walk with and who can help them with buying groceries. You may be

able to build a regular clientele by building trust in your neighborhood.

2.Tutoring Kids

A teaching degree is not required

to start home tuitions. The only requirement is good knowledge of a few

subjects. You may contact a few parents in your neighborhood and offer tuition

services to their children. Parents prefer children taking tuitions in the

area due to safety reasons. Your business will grow as your reputation


3. Chauffer services

If you enjoy driving and are an

extrovert, you may start a business helping seniors with special needs and

those who cannot drive due to some reasons. You may help them by driving them

for doctor appointments, buying grocery and assist them with unpacking and

setting it up at home. You can run other errands for them. Your business can

increase if you can acquire a lift-equipped vehicle.

4. Travels and Tour Guide

You can convert your love to travel

into a lucrative business. Your job would entail escorting tourist to various

locations and introducing them to new places. You will not be spending anything

on the travel while you will get paid wages and tips from the travellers. This

is a perfect retirement business for seniors who are energetic and love to work

with people. Prior travel experience and knowledge of more than one language

will prove to be an asset.

5. Babysitting and child care

Childcare is a good business

opportunity for seniors who love children. Children can bring great joy in life and renew their interest in life. This business may not bring in a lot of money but is more personally rewarding along with supplementing your retirement income. Some

training in childcare and first aid is useful. The other important requirement is that you should not have any criminal record, and your referencecheck is important.

6. Hauling

Hauling is a good business for you

if you enjoy driving and you are healthy and strong. People are always looking

for someone who could help them haul their garden waste, trash and other

business and household items that require discarding. Retirees can make this

into a good business opportunity. If you already own a truck or van, your start-up cost will get reduced substantially. Otherwise, many used vehicles are

available for sale at reduced prices. You will also be doing well for the

environment by transporting items for reuse and recycling.

7.Craft and Art Business

You can turn your artistic skills

into a lucrative business. If you paint, sew, make ceramic or wood handicrafts,

you can sell them at local craft markets, village mall and farmer’s market.

Retirees can also earn through the art of antique restoration.

8. Selling homemade food products

Many retirees use their skill of

baking, pickle making, jams and so on for supplementing their retirement

income. To begin with, take small orders from the neighbourhood, and soon you will

see your business grow organically if your services are good. You may use

social media to expand your business. Homemade food is in actual demand these days.

9. Content writing

In order to sell their services and products online, brands are looking for people who can write quality content for them. There are many specialized agencies that help to create content for brands on all kinds of topics. If you are good with research work and have strong language skills, you can work as a content writer with them.

10. Garden maintenance and Florist business

If you have green fingers and love gardening, growing and selling flowers for various occasions is your go-to business. Flowers make all occasions feel and look special. People also love to have fresh flowers in their houses to create a happy and joyous home.


To conclude, seniors should choose

a business that will not require taking loans or depleting their savings. Also take into consideration your physical health. Standing for long hours or too much bending and lifting might not be suitable for you and do not sacrifice leisure time and travelling. Click here to learn more about work from home business insurance.


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Written by April Maguire updated on Jan20, 2021

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