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An Amazon product listing is incomplete without a set of mesmerizing images. As a seller, you can’t just use stock images of your product to create desire. High-quality and stunning product images are the perfect way to engage potential buyers. This also helps increase your conversion rate and maximize sales.

You can use a few tricks to make your images “talk” to your buyers. A product photography agency can also help with this task. However, not every Amazon product photography service can create highly engaging images. Explore the internet and read reviews about everyone before making a choice.

Compelling Storytelling

Amazon listing images—or any e-commerce images—should aim to amaze potential buyers. A product-only photo is not exciting or convincing, as most buyers will not feel anything when they see the product lying on its own. This is necessary to include on Amazon, but this type of image alone cannot convey a powerful message. You must engage customers and tell a story with your images. People want to learn more about your product, and they want a good story that can convince them to buy it.

Innovative planning, directing and execution help to transform every image into a tale. Take users on a visual journey and invoke their creative side. Let your image tell a captivating story. Models, props and real-life settings are essential.

Compelling storytelling will add value to your product. Buyers believe that they are buying a specific lifestyle. You must tell a story and show how your product makes a difference.


Even positioning matters in creating high-quality images. Image composition refers to the arrangement of items in a photo. Product photography has several rules and concepts. Following them is essential for creating a highly engaging image.

The rule of thirds and the rule of odds, for example, are common concepts of photography composition. Professional photography services understand that they need to place the product in a specific position.

The rule of thirds highlights four power points on the grid line section. It is essential to place points of interest in these four power points. For example, if you are capturing a pet, you must position its eyes and face between these power points.

The rule of thirds isn’t absolute, and breaking it isn’t always bad. However, do not try to be creative before mastering the principles. As a rule of thumb, always keep your product’s main features between the power points. When capturing a small product, ensure its main body lies between these gridlines. If you are photographing furniture, keep the main body in the middle. Always use the power points to increase the emphasis on your products.

Lifestyle images that include models that look decent if the rule of thirds is followed. Even product-only images benefit from this rule. Hence, we advise Amazon sellers to practice this rule if they sell a lifestyle product.

Let us go over the rule of odds now. You must apply this rule when photographing small, individual items such as bottles and utensils. Place an odd number of products in the image rather than an even number. The idea behind this rule is that an odd number of items are always evenly distributed in the visual plane. Hence, make sure you place everything evenly in the plane.

Lifestyle Is More Important Than Your Product

Every product is related to lifestyle in one way or another. Buyers want to see everything in a lifestyle setting. Lifestyle visuals help buyers to envision themselves with the product. Hence, it increases their desire to buy the product.

You can use models and specific locations to capture mesmerizing lifestyle images. The background and context depend on the product niche, and it is essential to find the best settings. Even if you have to do an outdoor photoshoot for stunning images, it will be worth it.

Creative Visuals & Precise Text

Creativity is key to creating stunning visual references. Out-of-the-box ideas and designs always catch the buyers’ eye. Creative images can also improve the ranking of an Amazon product listing. (So, if you choose to hire an Amazon product photography agency, make sure the team includes creative graphic designers.)

Anchoring Effect

The anchoring effect refers to the cognitive bias of buyers. E-commerce depends heavily on changing buyers’ mindsets. First impressions can cause a strong anchoring effect, charming people towards a specific product. Main images are responsible for creating the anchoring effect, so sharp and high-definition main images are important and affect the buying decision. Sellers should take advantage of the cognitive bias by creating mesmerizing main photos. Clean backgrounds and accurate product views can help to sway the buying decision your way.

How To Create Highly Engaging Product Images That Convert

Add a storytelling element to lifestyle images. Communicate with photographers, designers, models and creative directors, explaining your vision behind every photograph. Ask them to act according to the underlying story. Create a theme and atmosphere that fits the story. It will charm your audience.

Ask designers to focus on product placement. Don’t just place objects in an image. Instead, put them exactly where the customer can see the product.

Use cognitive bias to your advantage. Invest more in the main image (which, on Amazon, requires a white background) than in other photos. Charm customers at first sight with clean, attractive product images.

Encourage your product photographer to bring forth a creative approach. An innovative and informative image will always spark the interest of buyers. What could be a better way to find out what is selling on Amazon than by looking at the top sellers?

Compelling storytelling, creative visuals, lifestyle elements and cognitive bias are the core concepts of photography. These aspects make an image more engaging. Use the tips mentioned above to transform all your product photos.

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