Gabourey Sidibe reveals she secretly got married a year ago


Gabourey Sidibe has revealed that she secretly got married to her husband, Brandon Frankel, more than a year ago.

The 39-year-old actor confessed that she and her spouse tied the knot in 2021 while appearing on Monday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, after host Ryan Seacrest asked her about her wedding plans. Sidibe initially announced her engagement in November 2020.

“So, the thing about weddings is I don’t like them,” she explained. “Here’s an example of how much I don’t like weddings. I’m actually married. We got married over a year ago.”

Kelly Ripa then looked towards the audience, where Frankel was sitting, and asked him if that was true. In response, Sidibe’s spouse nodded and showed off his wedding ring.

After Ripa asked her if her nuptials were “breaking news,” Sidibe said “yeah,” before explaining that she and Frankel got “married at the kitchen table,” just the two of them.

the Precious star went on to admit that, while she still plans to “have a wedding,” she hasn’t been a fan of weddings since she was a child.

“My mother-in-law, shoutout to Sherry, she’s going to want a wedding,” she continued. “And I don’t like them because my mom was a wedding singer, growing up. I’ve been at a lot of weddings, uninvited, and just been the weird kid eating cake at a stranger’s wedding.”

On Instagram on Monday, Sidibe also posted her wedding photos. In the caption, she explained how special the occasion was, despite it taking place during the pandemic, and reiterated that she was still planning on having a wedding celebration.

“The Wedding at the kitchen counter featuring our rings by @happyjewelers, followed by an extremely lit reception with Aaron [her cat] sniffing flowers sent to us and then a very romantic sunset dinner featuring our mask because we were still in the thick of the pandemic,” she wrote. “We really do want to have a wedding someday but I just couldn’t wait to marry this amazing man.”

After Sidbe’s appearance on Live with Kelly and RyanFrankel also shared a post on Instagram to express how excited he was to publicly address the actor as his wife.

“Since @gabby3shabby finally spilled the beans today on Live with Kelly and Ryan – we’ve been MARRIED since March 21!” he wrote in the caption. “Relieved we can finally tell the world. So thankful to have found my forever person, my partner-in-crime, and the love of my life. Every day is the best day with you.”

Sidbe acknowledged the secret marriage in the comments of her husband’s post, writing: “You can finally wear your ring!”

the Empire the first star announced her engagement on Instagram in November 2020. Along with a photo of her ring, she praised her then-fiancé and expressed how much she’s learned from him.

“Every moment with him is a joy,” she wrote in the caption of her post at the time. “He is the partner I thought I was too independent to need. I’ve learned so much about myself through him and I feel grateful and excited to learn more about the entire world with him by my side.”

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