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I bet everyone needs some great family photoshoot ideas!

Family photo ideas are highly sought after because everyone needs memorable, affectionate photos that will be a joy to look at many years and decades later.

A family photoshoot might sound like a chaotic, energy-draining experience, but it actually doesn’t have to be like that at all, especially if you’re not looking for formal portraits with perfect lighting and obligatory smiling faces.

We suggest that you try to transform these obligatory photo commitments into something much more fun and light-hearted!

Check out our list of family photoshoot tips and tricks! We have tried to cover various scenarios – indoors and outdoors, including children of different ages, and we have also given precious suggestions on outfits for family members.

Read on to learn how to step up your family photoshoot game!

family photoshoot ideas
Photo by Gabriel Tovar

Family Photos Outfit Ideas

The clothes are very important in portrait photography, even more so when you have more than just one model. These are our tips regarding wardrobe choices:

  • You don’t have to stick to matching clothes! By this, I mean that your family members don’t have to wear the same clothes or the same colors. Coordination looks better than simple matching. For example, you can ask people to stick to earthy tones and cool or warm palettes. For a bolder look, you can even experiment with complementary colors.
  • Avoid aggressive, eye-catching patterns! Patterns are usually not a good idea in portraiture unless you’re shooting a fashion editorial. The focus should be on people and their personalities, not flashy and distracting clothes.

Family’s outfits and shoot locations should be well-coordinated too. The same is true for weather and the season of the year. Winter family picture ideas should feature different colors from autumn or summer family photography.

kids family photoshoot
Photo by Vitolda Klein

List Of Creative Family Photoshoot Ideas Depending On The Location

No matter whether you plan to shoot indoors or outdoors, we’ve got you covered.

The following family photoshoot ideas include various locations, props, and poses.

Outdoor Family Photo Ideas

Personally, I prefer outdoor sessions because it’s easy to move around and shoot from various perspectives. You can’t fully control lighting, but that can be pretty playful. Here are a couple of suggestions for outdoor family photos.

Fun Family Photos: Use Water

If it’s summertime and you’re enjoying free time with your family in the backyard, it’s a perfect occasion to play with water and create some outstanding, truly memorable shots.

You can let your kids splash water on each other and run around. Feel free to join them for fun family photoshoots!

Make sure to capture different poses and use props like water guns or water hoses.

kids playing with water
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem

Take A Walk And Capture Family Photos

Taking a walk with your family is the perfect occasion for capturing spontaneous shots.

You can go to a local park, forest, or a nice urban area that isn’t too crowded.

The possibilities are endless in terms of lighting and composition. The shots will most probably look better during the golden or blue hour.

Fall family pictures can be another great idea that you can incorporate into your photo shoot outdoors because the colors and atmosphere are magical for a family photo session. When capturing fall family photos, give importance to the family photo outfits, by choosing colors that go well with the fall theme.

family taking a walk
Photo by Trust Katsande

Bold Architecture Will Complement Your Family Pictures

Everyone enjoys nature, but how about including some cool architecture in your family photo shoot? This is a more unusual approach that will surely make your shots stand out.

If you live in a city with bold and beautiful old architecture, this is certainly a good option. But you can also go for minimal compositions with your family which include modernist architecture and subtle color schemes.

urban family photo shoot
Photo by Dakota Corbin

Indoor Family Photoshoot Ideas

If you don’t like the idea of ​​shooting outdoors and your kids are too wild and hard to manage when taking photos outdoors, don’t worry! Even an indoor setting can be a good solution for family photos that don’t look too formal and boring.

You can try some of our simple photoshoot ideas that will turn your indoor session into a relaxing and enjoyable photoshoot.

Relaxed Family Photoshoot Idea: Bedtime

What’s more relaxing than asking everyone to wear their PJs and pose in the bed!

To make sure that the kids are engaged, you can read a storybook to them. You can also include some drinks like tea or milk for additional cozy vibes.

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Candid Family Photo: Chatting On The Couch

This is another version of a cozy and informal indoor shoot with your family.

You can sit on the couch together and chat, have snacks or play with your pets. This is a wonderful opportunity to capture those daily moments that are actually sweet and affectionate.

family on the couch
Photo by Krakenimages

Use Natural Light For Family Photos: Shoot Near A Window

If you like soft, aethereal-looking portraits, ask your family members to gather near a window for a beautiful session with soft natural light.

Make sure that you’re positioned near a large window with lots of light coming in. You can wear light clothes for this kind of shoot and perhaps include some indoor plants as props.

Family Portraits During The Holiday Season

Holiday season is another great time for taking family pictures. You can sit as a family by the Christmas tree to capture memorable family portraits.

With the whole family gathered at home during the holiday season, there will be great ideas that can be used to capture a few pictures of all the members of the family. Wearing the family dress, sitting by the family tree, opening presents of hanging out can lead to fun filled candid shots of the entire family and the excitement of the young kids can also be captured beautifully.

family by the window
Photo by Ann Danilina

Family Photo Ideas With Babies And Toddlers

Family Shoot Should Include Props

It’s not easy to pose babies and toddlers, but one thing that can certainly make your photoshoot easier is using props.

Babies will look adorable with colorful blankets or cute hats, and for toddlers, you can include their favorite toys.

Don’t Always Stick To Conventional Portrait Photography

Capturing conventional portraits of your children, with them looking straight into the camera, shouldn’t be your only goal.

The best way to have a satisfying and fun photo session with young children is to take one formal portrait at the very beginning, while they are disciplined and ready to follow your instructions.

After you managed to get that one formal shot, focus on candid moments. Don’t be surprised if some candid, slightly silly photos end up being your dearest, the best ones. A perfect family portrait is much more than a formally posed shot.

candid family photoshoot
Photo by Jordan Rowland

Family Photoshoot Ideas With Younger School Kids

Entire Family Can Engage In An Activity

School kids are certainly easier to cooperate with than toddlers. It’s true that they can easily get bored, but the best way to entertain them is to engage them in some activity. For example, they can play sports while you photograph them or they can help you with gardening or cooking. Even older members of your family can participate in some of these activities, which is a perfect recipe for a dynamic family portrait.

Let Your Kids Take Charge During The Family Photoshoot

Have you run out of creative family picture ideas? Fear not – I bet your kids have some brilliant ideas that can result in fun, unexpected photos.

Ask your children what kind of photos they like – they can even show you some examples on the Internet. Kids are very creative and you just need to make sure that their ideas are safe enough – you don’t want to ruin the entire house for the sake of a crazy photoshoot!

family photo shoot kitchen
Photo by Tyson

Family Photo Ideas With Teenagers

Be Creative: Appeal To Your Children’s Interests

Teens tend to be rebellious and it might be hard to convince them to pose for a family portrait, but you can surely use some tricks to make the photoshoot more appealing to them. For example, if your teen plays an instrument or loves cycling, suggest that they pose for a portrait with a guitar or a bicycle. This might not work every time, but it’s worth trying.

Family Vacations

Everyone feels relaxed during vacation, which means that even your teen kids might be more likely to get in the mood for taking photos and posing.

You can capture picturesque family photos by the sea, in a local restaurant, or perhaps in the downtown area of ​​a beautiful old city. It’s totally up to you!

Photo by Juan Cruz Mountford

Family Photo Ideas With College Students

The Spirit Of The College: Color Schemes

Entering college is such an important time for a freshman and their families. The same goes for graduation, of course.

In order to celebrate this event, the entire family can wear school colors or use certain props that are related to college life, such as books. This type of photoshoot can look humorous and sweet, especially if everyone strikes a funny pose.

Shooting Outdoors: Visit The Campus

For a more relaxed and less posed shoot with your fully grown kids who are now college students, you can do an outdoor session at the campus. Take a walk around the campus and find the most photogenic spots for creative family portrait ideas.

college student with his mother
Photo by Ronny Sison

Family Photo Ideas With The Entire Family: Sweet Memories

Get Creative With Composition And Perspective

The portraits that include extended family members are particularly challenging to shoot. You have to make sure that everyone looks good in the photo, and that they are all properly positioned and dressed.

If you plan to shoot older family members, don’t forget that they will most probably need a chair.

Instead of asking everyone to stand in a single line, think in terms of “layers” – taller people can stand, while shorter ones and children can sit in front of them.

You can also be creative and shoot them while they are seated at a table and engaged in some activities. It’s totally up to you and your family members.

Fun Activities, Maybe A Group Hug

In case you want to capture something really extraordinary, do an outdoor shoot with your extended family and include fun props like bicycles, maybe even a car, and bring along your pets too.

If you want to create an affectionate, sweet atmosphere, you can capture a group hug. It doesn’t have to look perfectly posed – humorous details and funny faces are priceless!

large family portrait
Photo by Rajiv Perara

Capturing Memories: Fun Family Photo Ideas

A great family photoshoot shouldn’t be that hard to organize if you manage to apply some of the tips and tricks we mentioned. Try our family picture ideas for your next photo session and we guarantee your shots will be engaging and fun instead of plain and boring.

We wish you a creative and enjoyable family photoshoot!

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