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Inside this episode…

“Branding” is such a big concept that it can feel hard to wrap your mind around.

Like it kind of feels like EVERYTHING is branding. We throw the terms around like confetti- we talk about everything from websites to font choices, from an outfit to our instagram stories being “on or off brand.” Is it a secret definition that only YOU know about your business? Is it something concrete to grasp, or more of a wooly cloud that has no real edge or definition to it?

In Episode 5, we’ll walk through a clear, easy-to-grasp definition of what a brand is, the difference between the invisible inputs (the crucial factors you don’t even realize you’re missing) vs. tangible outputs (the part everyone wants to focus on because it’s faster and prettier). We’ll walk through the six of the most essential inputs for business owners to have dialed in, in order to stand out and claim your corner of the market:

  • Why/Mission
  • Values
  • Strengths
  • Audience
  • Market Position
  • Messaging

Successful, noteworthy brands don’t happen on accident- they’re the result of business owners knowing their brand identity inside and out. It’s not an overnight process, and we WANT to let it take its time- rushing this? It could send you running off in a direction you were never meant to go, all because you tried to get slow cooker results with a microwave.

Give this episode a listen, and let these inputs percolate in the back of your brain. You don’t need to have an answer tomorrow, but just knowing to be on the lookout for these inputs within your own brand will draw your attention to the clues you might have been missing up til now.

I promise- the result WILL be worth it.

Resources mentioned in Episode 5:

Branding 101 |  Episode 5 of The Artisan CEO podcast with Abby Grace

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