Doorbell camera catches moose losing its antlers


ANCHORAGE, Ak. (KTUU/Gray News) – A couple in Alaska said their doorbell camera recorded a moose leaving behind a surprise Christmas gift.

Tyra Bogert and her husband watched the doorbell’s live stream when they got an alert that something was moving in front of their house.

While it’s not unusual for a doorbell camera to spot a moose in Anchorage, this time was different.

The couple watched as the moose started shaking and then both its antlers fell off.

“He shook like a dog, and they just plopped off and fell on the ground,” Chance Bogert said. “Looked to me like he was pretty scared.”

They said the moose looked shocked at what happened, and it took off running.

“For it to come in my yard and to drop them in the middle of my yard – I think that’s just a one-in-a-million chance,” Chance Bogert said.

The antlers left behind are so big that the Bogerts’ 3-month-old son actually fits inside the palm.

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, moose, like any male animal in the deer family, usually shed their antlers in the winter for two reasons.

Firstly, it is the end of their breeding season.

Secondly, antlers are heavy and can become a burden for animals to carry around when they are trying to eat enough to survive in the cold.

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