Do time-lapse videos have a future?

We got the answer to this question from David Gargulak, one of the Bixion founders.

Bixion focuses on creating solutions for long-term time-lapse videos. The solution is used by hundreds of photographers from around the world.

What do you think the future of time-lapse videos looks like?

I have been talking to various photographers for approximately 7 years and I can say that the field of time-lapse videos is gaining its momentum. It’s no more about big construction companies that want to present themselves by time-lapse videos of their projects. We have also been addressed by research institutions and universities that focus on environmental changes and industries. I think that we’re really in the beginning of great interest in time-lapse videos.

Are there any pitfalls that could potentially harm quicker development?

I see significant problems in the difficulty of creating time-lapse videos. If you want to shoot a scenery in the long-term, it’s not enough to just own a camera, but you also need more hardware that will ease up your work. You need to be prepared for weather changes, have good security when saving photographs and much more. Out of this reason, we have developed the device enabling safe encapsulation. There is a control unit to this device that enables photo transfer and remote control of the camera. Because working on post-processing is usually difficult to take care of as well. 

What field do you think could experience wider development of time-lapse videos in the future?

That can’t be narrowed down to one specific field. I see tremendous potential in the need to present individual projects (not talking about construction projects only, but also production projects), and also in the need to create recordings of, for example, landscape changes. I can also imagine utilization in long-term recording of watercourses, landfill analyses and waste processing. It’s not about a specific field, but rather a need to document some activity or change in a specific time frame.

David Gargulak| CTO