Crate Camera Footage of Dog Getting Overlooked at Adoption Event Is Tough to Watch


She kept hoping someone would stop to see her.

Browsing the shelters for your next best friend can be both exciting and overwhelming, so it can be hard to remember to give every pup a chance. Especially if you think you know what kind of dog you’re looking for, there are always going to be others you didn’t get to meet. Unfortunately, some of those pups you didn’t meet were in that position over and over again.

It can be tough to watch, but shelters like @adoptionfirstnc are taking to TikTok to make sure every pup gets to be seen. That includes Elora, an adoptable pup who wasn’t even given a ‘hello’ at her most recent adoption event.

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Poor baby girl! We would be honored to meet her, even through the bars of her crate, so it broke our hearts to see no one stopping to give her the time of day. When the people in the background walked by and stopped at the crate next to Elora’s, we were holding back tears!

“Can you post one of her being seen or petted?” asked @horsekesmehappy5. “[This] breaks me.” The rescue’s response broke us even more! They replied, “We don’t have any potential adopters petting her since no one stopped to see her, but we have some of the volunteers.” Someone love on this baby right this second!

“Noooo this baby deserves her furever home,” agreed @stiney_86. She really does! Luckily, it looks like she’s getting some interest from her viewers! @Missie8020 wrote, “I want this baby for Christmas. I’m in VA. Anyone who can help get her/him here, they have a forever home.” We’re keeping all our fingers crossed that this new arrangement works out!

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