Bride directs full photoshoot of her sister and her boyfriend


The bride isn’t the only one who wants immaculate wedding photos.

At least, that was the case for influencer Talia Wood and her sister. On Wood’s wedding day, she understood that she had two roles: Bride and paparazzo. Despite being the star of the day, Wood had a service to provide.

“When you’re literally the bride but still have to take pics for your sister and her bf,” Wood wrote in the video text.

While Wood’s sister was canoodling with her boyfriend, Wood, in her lacy wedding dress, snapped photos on her phone.

“Kiss! Kisses!” Wood Instructed the Couple.

It was pretty obvious the Wood sisters were each other’s hype women for the day.

“The things we do for our sisters!!!” Wood added in the comments.

TikTok felt like their bond was a prime example of sister goals. The video racked up 4 million views.

“Listen, sisters just know how to get your best angles,” a user wrote.

“I love this so much! This would definitely be me and my sister,” someone commented.

“We love a selfless bride,” a person said.

“There is no better photographer than your sister. Duty calls,” another added.

“BAHHAHHA this was me at my own wedding,” a TikToker replied.

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