Best Outfit Ideas for Your Baby for Their First Photoshoot


We all get baby fever when we stroll past the infant clothing section in the store, right? Having a baby is one of the most beautiful life experiences, and many new parents want to celebrate that by getting newborn photoshoots done.

Babies grow up so quickly, especially in the first year. You’ve got to keep buying clothes for them because they’ll grow out of them within a few weeks! many people still hold onto the clothing for sentimental value and pass them on to coming generations.

The outfit for your baby’s first photoshoot is always special. It’s a memorabilia item for many, which is why people put so much thought into preparing for it!

A newborn baby wearing a flower headband

Are you looking for inspiration for your baby’s photoshoot outfit? We’re here to help! Read on to learn more about our outfit ideas:

1. Thematic

If you’ve chosen to go with a theme, make sure you dress your baby accordingly. For a theme that includes flowers, you could dress your baby in a floral frock, or a floral blanket. If you’ve chosen to portray the sky, dress your baby in a baby-blue (we did that on purpose!) blanket, or a pastel blue matching pajama set.

If you’ve chosen a theme like underwater or construction, you may want to add in colors like green, purple, brown, red, yellow, and orange respectively.

2. Crotchets

Crotchet items look super cute, especially on babies! Ador your baby with soft crotchet beanies, caps, mittens, etc. for a cozy look. You can also get them with animal ears on them, like elephant ears, dog ears, cat ears, and farm animals too!

3. Chunky Knitwear

Loose suspenders made out of chunky fibers give your baby comfort and style. For your newborn photoshoot, color-code your baby’s outfits with contrasting colors like purple and beige, sage and navy blue, etc.

A newborn baby in a green blanket

4. Linen and Silk

Cotton is common— go for materials like linen and silk which are comfortable and soft, as well as stylish. Silk items like a blanket, headbands, ribbons, and others will make for wonderful accessories. Linen shirts with shorts would make for a very snazzy combo!

5. Make Safety a Priority

Although a lot of clothing items and outfits look very good, they might not be entirely safe for your baby’s health. Rough material, has objects like small buttons, pins, tags, faux fur etc. which may be harmful to your child’s safety.

Your newborn photographer will also be aware of any hazards and other safety tips you might need to know regarding newborn photography. It’s always a good idea to discuss any concerns you may have with them, and hiring an experienced photographer helps.

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