Adobe Creates Guidelines for AI-Generated Content Submissions to Adobe Stock


Artificial intelligence can pretty much handle anything these days, including creating entire scenes out of thin air.

person dipping paintbrush on paint Photo by Rifqi Ali Ridho
Person dipping paintbrush on paint and applying it to canvas. Photo by Rifqi Ali Ridho

And with such capabilities come new debates about what constitutes an original work and how should AI-generated content be treated on archives like Adobe Stock.

Well, as you can imagine, this is all a relatively new field and one that we’ve covered pretty extensively over the past year.

Given that, Adobe is taking a pretty big step forward and codifying guidelines around AI-generated content that should make it somewhat clearer moving forward including label disclosures distinguishing AI-generated submissions from photography as well as “digital provenance technology” to help identify the creator of a work.

According to their blog post on the subject, many of the guidelines for AI-generated content and standard fare are much the same including the need for releases when human subjects are featured, etc.

Adobe does offer one interesting provision, however, that is worth mentioning, and that is Adobe Stock “prohibits submissions based on third-party content — including text prompts referring to people, places, property, or an artist’s style — without proper authorization.”

In other words, you can’t just rip off someone else’s unique style and call it your own or generally violate someone’s rights. When you consider some of the tools we’ve covered on this blog use nothing other than text to generate an image, it would be easier than most of us might think to overstep this boundary. Adobe also underscores that they believe, when properly labeled and when in conformity with their other guidelines, AI-generated content has a place alongside other stock media which is probably the bigger story here.

AI-generated content: The way of the future or a passing fad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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