5 Best Camera Stores to Patronize in 2022

Buying a camera in this era may seem like a walk in the park. However, knowing where to buy makes the task more complicated than it should be. This is because there are numerous and great places to purchase such items. If confused, you can check online for help.

Platforms like Lumina Blog, which have information on so many companies, will surely have one or two ideas of where best to make your camera purchases.

Also, many factors can determine where you buy your camera. Prices vary from one photography camera webshop to another, even in physical stores. But that is not the real reason for this article. Let’s take a ride to find some of the best places to buy your camera in 2022.

1.  Amazon

It is not surprising to find Amazon on this list. Being the world’s biggest online marketplace, it is reasonable to find quality cameras and other associated items on their list of items. Besides, Amazon has made it big when it comes to electronics. And one of their strengths is their ability to sell items at considerably cheaper rates due to their negotiation power with producers. Thus, you will find cameras at great prices here. And they ship to almost all countries.

2. Adorama

Adorama is another place to buy quality cameras and other photography products. They are based in New York. They have a great online presence and are loved by photography enthusiasts. They ship to different countries worldwide and offer an eye-catching 60-day return policy.

3. Samy’s

This California-based photography shop was established in the 1970s. You can find many of their used cameras on eBay. They provide customers with cameras and lenses from different popular producers worldwide. You will love buying your camera from Samy’s because they provide customers with free and fast shipping. And that isn’t all; they also have a 30-day return policy. The only downside to them is that you can’t access their online platform if you are not in the US.

4. B&H

B&H is one of the prestigious sellers of cameras and other photographic materials in and around North America. This establishment has existed for decades and knows what it means to provide customers with the best equipment. It is located in New York City.

Many photography professionals visit here first before any other to obtain quality photography products. Their website possesses a live chat feature that allows you to directly communicate with their well-trained personnel. You can also find used cameras in their rich collections. Shipping is available in many countries, and B&H provides a 30-day return policy for customers.

5. Abe’s of Maine

Abe’s of Maine may not be the top choice among where to shop for quality cameras, but many have unmatched the extensive products they provide. And their prices are relatively better than others. Aside from their online store, they have a physical store in New Jersey. You will get many coupons to use, and there is a 14-day return policy to enjoy.


There you have it, some of the best places to go camera-shopping. We are certain our options will guide you on your next hunt for a camera.

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