27 Tribes from Remote Villages in Papua New Guinea that No One Has Ever Seen – Stuck in Customs


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This is the second in a series of mind-bending imagery, all created by an AI I’ve been working with. The first article explores art installations at Burning Man that did not exist and talks a little about how artists can team up with AIs in fun, inspiring, and innovative ways.

I went to Papua New Guinea several years ago and I was so amazed by seeing so many different types of tribes (see my Original Photos Here). I found their customs and the way they decorated themselves to be mesmerizing. There are still many undiscovered villages in Papua New Guinea as well, so I decided to make that a theme here.

I used some of my images as reference and for many of these queries to the AI, I used “in the style of Trey Ratcliff.” Luckily, because I’ve uploaded so many “people” photos to the internet over the past 15 years, the AI ​​can kind of figure out my style. For these, I did many different switches and adjustments on the types of images. Male to female, ages 8 to 80 to see all the variations. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did creating them!

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