2,500 People Gather For Mass Naked Photo Shoot on Australia’s Bondi Beach


While the idea of ​​thousands of people coming together for a naked photo shoot may spark a myriad of thoughts about its intention, this gathering on Australia’s Bondi Beach was for a worthy cause. For the first time in history, the beach was transformed into a nude beach for the day to carry out Spencer Tunick’s latest photography project.

The crowd gathered to participate in the US photographic artist’s campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer. The shoot coincided with National Skin Cancer Action Week as a reminder for people to get screened for skin cancer.

Known for staging mass nude photo shoots, Tunick executed his work with popular landmarks around the world as the backdrop.

“We have an opportunity to raise awareness about skin checks and I’m honored… to come here, make my art, and just celebrate the body and protection,” Tunick said at the beach in Sydney, according to Reuters.

nude photo shoot took place bondi beach

Photo Shoot: Azucena Stelzer

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Robyn Lindner, a participant, shared her initial nervousness to strip for the shoot.

“I was secretly terrified (and) last night I had to confess I was thinking, ‘What have I done?’ But it was great, everyone had a really good vibe, everyone was really respectful and it just felt really fun,” Lindner told Reuters.

The shoot is Tunick’s fourth project in Australia. Previously, the artist gathered nearly 5,500 people at Sydney’s famous Opera House in 2010. Tunick has staged around 100 large-scale nude shoots, from Munich to Mexico City, where he then photographed 18,000 participants.

Tunick’s work has led to being arrested in the past as city officials have intervened in the past. This shoot, however, is for good reason in addition to getting support from local officials.

The term beach bums now officially has a whole new meaning.

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