20 Entities I Encountered and Inspirations from DMT reality – Stuck in Customs


Well this is a larger topic that I’ll touch on in an upcoming podcast, and most people will have no idea wtf I am talking about, but that’s okay, because you’ll perhaps enjoy the art anyway. The TL;DR is that when you are experiencing a DMT rush, either via Ayahuasca or Changa, you often encounter and interact with entities. Weird, right? That doesn’t even begin to explain it.

Anyhoo, the entities by and large are female. They are sometimes insectoid or alien-like. Some are “Machine Elves” (which inspired my Machine Elf fractal creations). I get a lot of “jesters” or clowns, which only happens about 6% of the time according to this scientific study. See, I’m not crazy. Or am I? I’ll ask the entities next time.

Also, if you didn’t click that 6% link above – I HIGHLY recommend it. You may be skeptical, but scroll down and read some of the commonality of experiences.

What do you “chat” about with these entities, you wonder? Well, whatever you want! It’s mostly them appearing and talking to you telepathically. They’ll often tell you things you’re clearly doing wrong in your life, help you solve problems, or sometimes they just fuck around with you and have fun. It can be a net to some people, especially if you’re kind of a high-anxiety person with a lot of fear in your life. But that is not me. I do have the jester/clown goof around a lot with me which can be hilarious. Overall, though, you get a message that is very serene as they tell you, “Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.” I suppose that is reassuring as a clown is laughing in your face with cartoon fangs.

Before I share these new AI creations, perhaps you’d like to see some of my recent AI thematic creations. Enjoy!

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Sample prompts

I’m using Midjourney version 4 for these (recently upgraded with new aspect ratios – yay!), although I play with all the AI ​​tools. It’s a command-line interface via Discord to communicate with the AI:

“A symmetrical unexpected female Indian goddess entity I encountered on DMT, full body, DMT-inspired psychedelic background –v 4 –ar 2:3”

These images below are mostly entities I’ve seen or slight inspirations thereof. Dude, it’s really hard to describe. If you’ve been here with me, I can tell you are smiling right now.. Well, grab your popcorn and enjoy the trip!

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