1000 Stories, 1000 Places – Stuck in Customs


Big announcement time!

I’m releasing 1,000 unique photos with 1,000 stories very soon as a new NFT collection. See the website at https://stuckincustoms.com/trey-ratcliffs-1k1k/ that describes everything you need to know!

This project took a bit over 500 hours to complete simply in writing alone, much less the 1000s of hours to travel to all these locations across all seven continents. Altogether, there are over 120,000 words, which is the same as a long, beautiful novel.

Mixed in the 1,000 one-of-ones are 6 Uber-Uniques where you get the actual print! excited! Whoever owns one of those six unique NFTs on March 31 will be able to hang the physical print wherever they wish!

If you are a Beautiful Cities of the World collector, you’ll be getting a free airdrop! Make sure you have registered to grab it. Here is your Premint link.

We’ve also set aside some Premint allowlists for AiVATAR owners. There will be airdrops for you cats at a later date, but it’s just not mathematically possible now with this collection of 1,000 to give to a collection of 6,000. But we’re at work on Phase 2 there, so no worries. Here is your Premint link.

On Dec 19th, the mint will go live and there will be a 2-day period before the big reveal. We have a cool system that will reveal one photo per minute until all 1,000 are revealed. The whole process will take approximately 16.6666666 hours, so that will be a fun day indeed!

I’ll be doing some live videos and voice chats along the way in addition to taking lots of questions. I am so excited about this release, and I hope you are too!

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